Saturday, March 03, 2007

CA and So Cal Job Market En Fuego

Job Market hot, hot, hot!

The California job market was even stronger than most thought in 2006. The state revised the job numbers and "found" an additional 70,000 jobs statewide to bring the revised total to over 274,000 jobs created in 2006. Especially buoyant was Los Angeles County and the ascent of high paying jobs.

Quotes from this morning's LA Times article
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"Southern California's job engine performed much better than previously believed last year, with a good portion of the growth in skilled, high-paying positions,....."

"..The sectors that grew the fastest in Los Angeles County, including accounting, scientific and technical consulting, and engineering, strained an already tight labor market for highly skilled, high-wage workers....."

"Overall, I see this revision as a very positive one for the future of where L.A. is going," he said. "I think the L.A. economy overall is still creating high-end jobs."

"Now you have the international trade sector going like a house on fire," Kyser said. "And it was an extremely strong year in travel and tourism

From LA Times 3/03/07
By Lisa Girion, Times Staff Writer

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