Monday, May 28, 2007

Mainstream Media Love Tech Again

As I've noted in a number of posts, tech is back, big time. I believe this tech 2.0 cycle is in the early innings of a nine inning game. Gradually over the last year, wall street and the main stream media seem to have caught on. Touting tech is no longer taboo as the wounds of the dot com era have been mostly healed or forgotten. The silicon valley companies of today are better run, more tangible, and vastly more profitable than their fallen brethren of the past.

In Fierce Competition, Google Finds Novel Ways to Feed Hiring Machine

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — On a spring Saturday, about 90 students from Stanford and as many from the University of California, Berkeley, converged on Google’s corporate campus for a day of spirited team competition over mind-bending puzzles, Lego building problems and video games.

It was called the Google Games, a convivial way for the mostly computer science and engineering students to renew the Stanford-Berkeley rivalry. But behind the fun was a serious corporate recruiting event that underscores a rivalry no less intense: the tug of war for talent between Google and its competitors.

As much of the high-tech industry is enjoying a renewed boom, the competition for top recruits in engineering and other fields is as intense as ever. Companies like Google, Microsoft and Yahoo frequently find themselves going after the same candidates or recruiting in one another’s backyards. At the same time, they are running up against a myriad of start-up companies across Silicon Valley that have been pumped up with venture capital in recent years.............

Excerpts from NY Times

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TJ said...

I agree. Tech should run through the summer.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it's the talk of wallstreet , I heard it again on CNBC, all teh five star money managers loving the tech names again.