Monday, August 06, 2007

Place Your Bets

Ahead of tomorrow's Federal Reserve meeting the Dow had it's biggest daily gain in four years. What does this mean? Maybe investors are hoping the Fed will get back out of the way of the ongoing U.S. prosperity and cut rates to a more "market" rate level. My guess is the Fed will acknowledge more of the slowing its lagging monetary tightening has produced, but still keep rates unchanged and remain "vigilant" on inflation.
I've been saying ad nauseam this year that the Fed should let prosperity run and cut rates.
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And Merrill Lynch Agrees............
"Still, there were some who did expect movement from the Fed, if not now, soon. Merrill Lynch put out a report predicting that the Fed funds rate would be at 4.50% by the end of the year, from 5.25% now. "Not only do we see the Fed cutting rates sooner than the consensus and markets currently expect, but we see the cuts being deeper, with the Fed eventually lowering the funds rate to 3.75% by mid-year 2008," they wrote."-courtesy WSJ.
With the core rate nicely in the Fed's "comfort" zone and decelerating it will be only stubborness and flexing of inflation fighting Bernanke manhood muscle that will allow him to beat the vigilance drum. Soon the beat will tire and cooler heads will prevail.

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